Discover the answers to commonly asked questions regarding investments.

What's an investment holding?

The value of your super can be affected by fees and other costs. So it’s important to understand what you can expect to pay. 

Types of investment holdings

Investments are grouped into different categories. These are known as asset types. Asset types include shares, fixed income, property, infrastructure and alternatives.

Make a withdrawal from your investments account

This could be a great option if you need a lump sum of money to cover a big purchase, holiday or unexpected expense.

What is an unrealised Capital Gains Tax (CGT) statement?

If the value of your investments have increased over time, you may want to understand the potential tax you would pay. 

Who is a Growth Manager and what do they do?

Growth managers focus on companies that have the capacity to grow their earnings over time, have strong balance sheets and a manageable level of debt.

What are the basic steps to investing?

Setting clear goals with achievable targets is the first step in the planning process.


What is a core manager?

Core, Style Neutral or GARP managers seek to exploit the differences between market price and investment value, but do not follow a particular style.

What is a Value manager?

Value managers focus less on earnings and more on a company’s price.


What are the main asset classes?

An asset class is really just a type of investment. The main asset classes that people refer to are cash, fixed. 

How do indices help measure performance?

Indices are a way of measuring a particular market and can help you compare, or benchmark, how your investments are performing.


How do I choose an investment option?

When it comes to choosing an investment option when you join a fund, as well as having a basic understanding of asset classes, there are several key questions you should ask yourself.

What is a fund manager’s investment ‘style’?

'Style’ can be described as a fund manager’s investment philosophy in relation to the companies it chooses to invest in, and the process by which those investment decisions are made.

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