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Rollover and Superannuation Fund

Each year, along with other superannuation fund Trustees, we're required to publish the results of an annual member outcomes assessment for each of our products. This assessment shows how we’ve promoted the financial interests of our members over the prior financial year.


Each year we set, and then assess ourselves against, a number of key focus areas we believe are important in providing a high quality superannuation fund. We’ve completed a three-step evaluation process to assess our performance against the key focus areas:

Product comparison
We’ve compared Rollover and Superannuation Fund against similar superannuation funds to show whether the product is competitive with similar products. We completed this comparison in the areas of fees, investment performance return and investment risk.

Product assessment
We’ve assessed key areas of Rollover and Superannuation Fund that are related to member outcomes to determine whether we’re promoting the financial interests of our members. A summary of the results is completed at the product level.

Overall product determination
Finally, we’ve made an overall determination on whether we are promoting the financial interests of our members in Rollover and Superannuation Fund. This assessment is based on the matters assessed and also factors in anything relevant within the business or


The assessment of the key outcomes of this product demonstrate that we are actively promoting the financial interests of our members in Rollover and Superannuation Fund.

Product comparison

Fees and costs
We aim to provide competitive fees for members and regularly review our fees to improve the financial outcomes for our members. We aim to provide competitive fees for members and continually review the outcomes. The fees and costs for Rollover and Superannuation Fund are lower than most (94%) of similar products. The fees for Rollover and Superannuation Fund depend on the portfolio of investment options chosen by the member.

Net investment return
We support members achieving their retirement goals by offering members the choice of 14 investment options. On average, the return for each investment option within Rollover and Superannuation Fund outperformed nearly three-quarters (72%) of comparable investments. The investment returns for Rollover and Superannuation Fund depend on the portfolio of investment options chosen by the member.

Investment risk
All investments are subject to risk, and different strategies carry different levels of risk depending on the assets that make up the strategy. To measure risk, we assess the ‘risk-adjusted return’. This measures an investment’s performance after taking into account the amount of risk that was taken to achieve it. On average, the risk-adjusted return for the investment options within Rollover and Superannuation Fund performed better than three-quarters (75%) of comparable investments. The risk-adjusted return experienced by a member depends on the portfolio of investment options chosen by the member.


This assessment evaluates the performance of Rollover and Superannuation Fund in delivering outcomes for our members. Each of these areas are assessed by comparing a range of metrics against relevant benchmarks.

Fees and costs Total fees were higher than benchmarks however this does not incorporate the repricing which was implemented effective 1 June 2020, which would have positioned the product to have fees lower than threequarters of peers. Advice fee levels met their specified benchmarks.
Options, benefits and facilities Our members are regular users of key options, benefits and facilities including digital services and our contact centre. Member communications provide an important role in supporting and educating members. We continue to explore opportunities to engage with our members via digital channels, this includes continual investment in our member app which was launched in April 2020. We regularly add new features in response to your feedback. We also continue to make it easier for you to manage your super by simplifying process, including the digitisation of forms – over 75% of our forms are now digitised.
Investment strategy More than half (54%) of the investment options exceeded their disclosed benchmark, however just under half (46%) of investment options are rated favourably by approved research houses. This result is consistent with the experience in the broader market, where fund managers have generally struggled to generate returns above the market index on an after-fee basis. Despite this, our investment options have, on average, outperformed comparable peers.
Insurance strategy
When comparing across the measures of terms and conditions, premiums and claim times, the product rated favourably to industry benchmarks.
Insurance fees On average, our members’ insurance premiums were considered affordable for most members using industry benchmarking.
Scale and sustainability 
This product retains significant scale but there are some factors indicating potential future sustainability concerns. However, we are working on a proposal that will ensure the members in the Rollover and Superannuation Fund are supported in a sustainable fund with sufficient scale. This is due to be communicated to members during 2021.
Operating costs We take managing member’s money seriously and are disciplined in our management of the fund’s operating expenses. This fund leverages and has the benefit of the broader administration scale of CFS which manages approximately $145bn. Our assessment of costs considers what we planned to spend and what we did spend. For the year ending 30 June 2020, the Trustee spent more than planned across the business, which supported our ongoing investment in our product and services and other measures to maintain our operations. This additional investment was not passed onto members.

We will continue to improve member outcomes by understanding members’ needs, enhancing the product offering and remaining focused on delivering for members’ financial interests.