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FirstWrap makes managing your finances easier by bringing your investments together under one reporting and administration framework.

What is a wrap?

An investment wrap bundles your investments and other investment products and services in one place. Wraps typically offer an extensive investment menu, providing you and your financial adviser with investment freedom through access to listed shares, managed funds, margin lending and insurance.

They also offer consolidated reporting and are typically administered online, so you can track your investments 24 hours a day – making it easier to manage them, especially at tax time.

How FirstWrap works

FirstWrap is a full service wrap platform, providing comprehensive investment choice, convenience and great flexibility.

FirstWrap offers a wide variety of investment options and sophisticated tax reporting facilities across investments, superannuation and pension services to help you and your adviser effectively implement your investment plans.

Your investments are conveniently managed through one account, allowing your adviser to easily monitor and manage your portfolio.


FirstWrap lets you keep your investments alongside your superannuation savings and pension account.

These can all be consolidated into a single set of reports, meaning you won’t have to sort and combine information from a multitude of financial institutions.

You can also access reports and other key portfolio information online, 24 hours a day.


FirstWrap allows your financial adviser to tailor how they setup and manage your investment portfolio.

They can model and nominate which parcels of investments are best suited to your individual tax circumstances and reporting requirements.

Additionally, your financial adviser can manage your tax position more effectively by allowing you to transfer assets in and out of FirstWrap Plus Investments without triggering a capital gains tax liability.

FirstWrap investment range

FirstWrap offers a wide variety of investment options. As an investor, you can choose from:


  • Around 400 managed funds
  • Managed accounts
  • Hedge funds and private equity funds
  • Unlisted investments
  • All ASX listed shares (ASX 300 for super and pension)
  • All ASX listed company issued options (ASX 300 for super and pension)
  • Fixed interest rate securities
  • Term deposits (a range of terms available)
  • Annuities.

Already have an investment portfolio you’re happy with? You may be able to transfer your existing managed funds, ASX listed shares, options, warrants and floating rate notes over to FirstWrap Plus Investments without triggering a capital gains tax liability. This ‘custodial’ structure means less paperwork, and more importantly, retaining underlying ownership of your investments.

A manual registry for your existing external assets, such as investment property or artwork, gives you a complete financial picture of your investments. 

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FirstWrap is available to invest in via a licensed financial adviser.


FirstWrap Plus Investments

Before you complete your application, you should read the information contained in the Investor Directed Portfolio Service Guide (provided by your financial adviser) as well as the Other important information brochure, the Investment list and AIL's Financial Services Guide.

FirstWrap Plus Super and Pension

Before you complete your application, you should read the information contained in the Product Disclosure Statement (provided by your financial adviser), as well as the Other important information brochure, the Investment list, AIL's Financial Services Guide and, if you are considering insurance cover, the LifeProtect Insurance brochure.

You can request a copy of any of these documents from your financial adviser, or contact FirstWrap Service and Support on 1300 769 619 and a copy will be provided to you free of charge.

Information about managed funds available through FirstWrap appears in the disclosure document for that managed fund available from your adviser.

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