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What does Colonial First State invest in?

Investing in Australia’s future

In the wake of Coronavirus, it has become more important than ever to support the Australian economy. Find out how we’re investing for the future.

Coronavirus has had a significant impact not only on the Australian economy, but on Australian businesses, households and individuals alike. That’s why our team is investing for the future – not only to support the economy in the aftermath of the pandemic, but to contribute towards building a future that members can enjoy in retirement. How? We explain more about this below.

We’re investing in infrastructure

Ever caught a train, or visited a hospital? That’s infrastructure – the physical assets helpful for the smooth operation of people, businesses and society. These assets can also include public housing, communication, utilities and today, as the world considers the impacts of fossil fuels and climate change, infrastructure for renewable energy.



Colonial First State holds listed infrastructure securities and direct infrastructure assets, and over the next five years is expected to further invest in millions of dollars’ worth of investments such as:


  • Airports: Expansions, security projects, carparks, and retail and property development.
  • Hospital car parking: Development of carparks within the Brisbane health precinct. 
  • Distributed energy: Helping commercial and industrial power consumers achieve sustainable energy solutions.
  • Water treatment: Facilitating the utilisation of recycled water in South Australia and New South Wales.


The potential benefits of these investments can be twofold: positive impact and long-term financial returns. Moreover, investing in infrastructure means investing in Australia’s future – one that could see population growth to about 35 million people by 2050.1

We’re supporting important issues

We recognise that Australia’s future needs more than physical investments – it also requires support. That’s why the team has joined hundreds of high-profile organisations within the financial services industry by signing on to the Investor Statement on Coronavirus Response. As a signatory to the statement, the team encourages businesses to support the welfare of employees, customers and communities around Australia in these unprecedented times.



We’ve also joined the Investor Group on Climate Change. As one of the greatest challenges facing our environment, economy and society, climate change has the potential to pose significant risks to investments. By joining the group, we’re supporting increasing collaboration between super funds and the investment community to address the risks, opportunities and challenges that climate change may have on the value of investments – and, in turn, our members’ financial futures.

We’re investing for the future

Influences such as the climate emergency have driven demand from members wanting to know their investments are being managed in a sustainable, responsible way. As such, our members expect high standards of behaviour for how our team approaches investing – and we couldn’t agree more.



Our team has taken steps to align our investment process with members’ expectations. As part of the process, we carefully consider a range of environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) – all of which not only have an impact on the world around us, but also on investments. By doing so, we’re working to further our understanding of the evolving landscape and optimise the way we invest – meaning members’ investments can be well-placed for the future.

We’re here to help

Members can feel confident knowing our team is dedicated to investing Australia’s future. They can also feel confident knowing that our team remains in close communication with our investment managers to carefully review market conditions and closely monitor our investments – not only ensuring our funds are well-placed to meet their investment objectives, but also allowing us the flexibility to prepare for and respond to changing conditions in ways that will support our members.



Members can further their financial understanding and learn more about how we invest online.

1. Australia’s future population, Parliament of Australia, October 2010, accessed July 2020.

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