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Your super benefit may be paid to your beneficiaries in different ways, so it’s worth knowing how this could affect them and whether this would impact the tax they need to pay.

If you nominate your legal personal representative, your super benefit will be paid according to your will or intestacy laws.


If you nominate one or more of your dependants, your super benefit will be paid directly to them. If someone is no longer a dependant, then their amount will be paid to your legal personal representative.


Your dependants will be given the choice of taking their super benefit as a lump sum cash payment or, if available, a pension from FirstChoice Pension or FirstChoice Wholesale Pension. Find out more by reading the PDS.


If you have nominated a child, the super benefit must be paid as a lump sum cash payment unless they:

  • Are under 18
  • Are under 25 and financially dependent on you, or
  • Have a certain type of disability

If your child’s circumstances change so they no longer meet one of the above exceptions, we will pay the balance as a lump sum cash payment.

Be sure to review your nomination regularly

It is important to review your nomination regularly to make sure it is still appropriate. If you marry, separate or divorce, start a de facto relationship, have a child, or if someone you nominate has died, or is no longer dependent on you, then you should update it.