Licensee tailored portfolios are designed and approved by licensees – and available on FirstChoice at no extra cost to you or your clients.

FirstChoice managed accounts



Licensees can choose from over 180 investment options to design and monitor portfolios that advisers can recommend to clients.

Cost effective

Cost effective

Portfolios implemented and administered by CFS – at no additional cost to you or your clients.




The flexibility, convenience and transparency of a managed account combined with the simplicity and efficiency of FirstChoice.

How do licensee tailored portfolios work?

  • ·  Builds licensee managed account portfolios
  • ·  Monitors portfolios and recommends changes to CFS
  • ·  Notifies advisers on performance and portfolio changes
  • ·  Reviews, approves and implements portfolios
  • ·  Regularly aligns clients to their desired weightings
  • ·  Manages product disclosure regime
  • ·  Designs advice strategy for client
  • ·  Recommends appropriate managed account portfolio for client’s FirstChoice Wholesale Super or Pension account
  • ·  Engages with client about their portfolio, usually without the admin burden of records of advice or transaction authorisations

What are the benefits of licensee tailored portfolios?

For clients

  • A professionally constructed investment portfolio automatically rebalanced to their selected weightings and strategy
  • Peace of mind, knowing their portfolio is always up to date
  • They only pay the cost of the underlying investment options – no extra admin or implementation fees apply
  • Comprehensive reporting via CFS’s secure portal and mobile app
  • Less hassle and less paperwork when portfolio changes are made

For advisers

  • Access to FirstChoice managed accounts with no extra platform or implementation costs
  • Confidence that clients’ portfolios are always aligned to advice strategy
  • Less time spent managing portfolio changes and reduced need to prepare lengthy RoAs
  • CFS reviews and implements portfolio changes requested by the licensee, and executes rebalancing
  • Reduced compliance burden on your business

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