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New managed account portfolios from Australia’s top professional investment consultants and researchers, available on FirstChoice Wholesale Personal Super and Pension at no additional cost to you or your clients.

Cash bucket solution now available on FirstChoice


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Professionally constructed and reviewed portfolios

A range of specialist managed account portfolios constructed and monitored by professional investment consultants and researchers—AZ Sestante, Lonsec, Morningstar, Zenith—with portfolio changes implemented and administered by Colonial First State.

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No extra cost

There are no extra costs to you or your clients. Your clients only pay the fees and costs of the underlying investment options. There are no additional administration or implementation fees or costs to your clients.

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Experience the best of both worlds

Specialist Portfolios combine the flexibility, convenience and transparency of a managed account with the simplicity and efficiency of FirstChoice. Giving you more time to spend with your clients and growing your business, and less time on administration.

Learn about each of the specialist portfolios


Learn about the AZ Sestante portfolios

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Learn about the Lonsec portfolios

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Learn about the Morningstar portfolios

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Learn about the Zenith portfolios

Meet-the-manager webinar recordings

If you would like to learn more about the Specialist Portfolios, the expert research and investment philosophy driving each of them, watch our webinars today. The webinars are CPD accredited. Once you’ve watched the video, complete the CPD quizzes that appear below each video.

Lonsec webinar

David Wilson
Senior Investment Consultant, Lonsec


Morningstar webinar

Aman Ramrakha
Director, Manager Selection Services, Morningstar

Zenith webinar

Steven Tang
Head of Consulting, Zenith Investment Partners


How managed account specialist portfolios work

Professional investment consultants and researchers
  • Builds managed accounts portfolio(s)
  • Monitors and reviews portfolio and recommends changes to CFS
  • Publishes information about managed account portfolio's construction and performance
Colonial First State
  • Reviews, approves and implements portfolio
  • Regularly aligns clients to their selected managed account portfolio weightings
Managed account portfolios
  • Range of specialist managed account portfolios to choose from to suit wide range of client needs and preferences
  • Develops advice strategy for client
  • Recommends appropriate managed account portfolio based on client’s circumstances, objectives and risk appetite
  • Selects relevant Specialist Portfolio for client’s new or existing FirstChoice Wholesale Personal Super or Pension account
  • Engages with client about how their portfolio is managed, generally without the administrative burden of Records of Advice and transaction authorisations
Your client(s)
  • Benefit from having their selected portfolio of investment options professionally constructed and regularly reviewed
  • Portfolio changes and re‑weighting happen in an automated, timely and consistent manner

Key features

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Professional investment portfolio construction and reviews

  • Managed account portfolios constructed and monitored by professional investment consultants and researchers, with portfolios changes implemented and administered by CFS.

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Automatic, controlled portfolio updates

  • CFS reviews, approves and implements portfolio changes requested by investment consultant, and also executes ad-hoc and regular rebalancing to realign your clients’ investments to target weightings.
  • Portfolio changes flow through to your clients’ accounts automatically.

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portfolios available

  • AZ Sestante Managed Account Dynamic (five risk profiles)
  • Lonsec Active (six risk profiles)
  • Lonsec Core Plus (six risk profiles)
  • Morningstar High Conviction (six risk profiles)
  • Morningstar Core (six risk profiles)
  • Zenith Active (five risk profiles)

No need to settle for less

Lowering your clients’ total cost to invest doesn’t have to mean settling for less. With Specialist Portfolios, there are no additional costs to you and your clients. Your clients only pay the fees and costs of the underlying investment options in their portfolio.


For your business

  • Access some of Australia’s most respected asset consultants and researchers at no additional cost to you
  • Realise efficiencies by outsourcing portfolio management
  • A simple way to introduce the efficiencies of a managed account while maintaining an efficient client servicing model
  • Efficient portfolio implementation
  • Confidence that your clients’ portfolios are always aligned to their advice strategy
  • Less time spent on portfolio management, administration and following-up clients to approve portfolio changes
  • Reduce the compliance burden on your business
  • More time for meaningful, strategic advice conversations

For your clients

  • Access some of Australia’s most respected asset consultants and researchers at no additional cost to your clients
  • Diversified, professionally managed investment portfolio that is always aligned to their investment strategy
  • Confidence that oversight and management by a trusted investment consultant selected by you
  • Peace of mind that there are multiple layers of governance (professional investment consultant and superannuation trustee oversight)
  • Ongoing access to additional information about the portfolio from the chosen investment consultant.
  • Transparency of all of the investment strategies within each portfolio.
  • Less hassle and less paperwork – may remove the need for Records of Advice when portfolio changes are made so portfolio changes can be made at the right time.


We're on hand to help make the transition to Specialist Portfolios as smooth as possible. Our Business Development Managers will work with you to show you how to implement the right portfolios for your client's needs.

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