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FirstWrap gives you the flexibility to design a portfolio to suit your clients’ investment needs.


  • A central cash hub, expert administration, flexible managed accounts and model portfolios, efficient tax outcomes and easy client management all help to give you greater control over your business.

  • We have provided high quality administration support to financial advisers for over ten years, meaning we know how to make the complexity involved in managing investment portfolios appear very simple to your clients.

    Our technology allows you to make, and communicate, any adjustments to your clients’ portfolios quickly and easily from the home or office.

  • FirstWrap’s model portfolio solution, available across investments, super and pension, allows you to create model portfolios from our range of ASX listed securities, managed funds and cash.

    You’re then able to link multiple client accounts to these model portfolios, helping you to realign every account when any changes to your model portfolios are made.

    Using our model portfolio solution to streamline this re‑balancing process frees you up to spend more time building client relationships and developing your business.

  • For FirstWrap Plus Investments accounts, parcel selection as well as FIFO and LIFO options make managing clients with complex portfolios much easier.

    This allows you to deliver the best tax outcome for your clients, whether they’re SMSF trustees or retail clients with large, well‑diversified portfolios.

  • FirstWrap’s information engine allows you to manage all of your client information, establish family groups and segment your clients without needing a separate client relationship management system.

    This means you retain control of the client relationship, with everything but regulatory communications coming directly from your office.

    FirstWrap also allows you to record ‘off-platform’ assets via a manual registry, giving you a more complete picture of your clients’ portfolio.

  • Like you, we’re always looking at ways to provide your clients with better value for money.

    That’s why FirstWrap has a competitive administration fee and a flexible adviser fee structure, which can be easily customised to meet your clients’ needs.

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