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Social networking

Social networking

and smartphones

and smartphones


We have access to unlimited amounts of data at our fingertips but the digital world should be navigated with caution. Be vigilant about the type of information you share online because you never know who is looking at it.

Using social networks

Personal info

Never post personal information such as your home address, phone number or account details


Don’t use the same passwords for social media accounts as you do for your online banking


Change your privacy settings to control who sees your posts – and who can tag you

Sign out

Sign out of your social media accounts when using a public computer


Avoid putting your location in posts – as it may put your physical safety at risk

Go with your gut

Be careful with any unusual posts or messages, especially those with links in them

Mobile security checklist

  • Set your mobile phone to lock after a period of non-use.
  • Use a strong PIN, passcode, fingerprint detection or facial recognition.
  • Use a device manager to help you find your phone and wipe data.
  • Only install apps from reputable publishers and official stores – and read the reviews first.
  • Manage permissions for each app to control what data they collect, store and share.
  • Don’t remove hardware restrictions on your mobile phone to allow installation of unapproved apps.