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You can invest online in just 5 steps

Investing with Colonial First State is easy. Choose from a wide range of investment products for your superannuation, retirement or investment needs…and save on the paperwork.

What do I need to do?

You can invest online in just 5 steps, and if you need any help along the way simply give us a call on 1300 360 645, follow the Help links or download a checklist

Step 1 - your details
Please supply your name, address, contact information including your email address, as well as your tax file number (or exemption) and the product type you would like to invest into (super, retirement or investments).

Step 2 - your account details

How would you like to fund your investment - direct debit, direct credit, BPAY or cheque? Simply select your preferred method and provide your bank account details. If you have elected to open a super or pension account, you will also need to supply roll-over or contribution information.

Step 3 - transaction details

How much would you like to invest? Simply enter your investment amount and select the specific option(s) you would like to invest into. You can also view how your investment is allocated according to asset class and fund manager if investing in FirstChoice products.

Step 4 - confirm details

All you need to do now is check the information you have entered. Your contact and investment details will appear and you can make changes if necessary. It's also a good idea to print a copy for your records.

Step 5 - confirmation
The process is complete and your application has been successfully submitted. You can view your new account on FirstNet but it will not appear as 'open' until we receive your payment and process your application.

Before getting started

Ensure you have read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the products you are interested in. Simply click on the product name above or order a paper copy free of charge.

Speak to your financial adviser. If you do not have a financial adviser, the Financial Planning Association can help you find one in your area.

  • Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorism Financing laws require Colonial First State to establish the identity of new clients. We appreciate that this may be an inconvenience, however it’s a regulatory requirement that we must meet.

    Generally, we must establish your identity at the application stage. To do this we require a completed Identification & Verification form that can be downloaded at the end of the application process. You will need to complete the form as well as provide us with a certified* copy of your identification such as an Australian passport or current Australian drivers licence containing your photo. Alternatively if you have an adviser, they are able to establish your identity. We recommend you speak to your adviser about how they can do this, or for more information about this process please visit our website

    For superannuation products, we need to establish your identity when you withdraw (i.e. cash out) your superannuation funds. However, you may like to complete the Identification & Verification form at the application stage to assist us in processing any future withdrawal requests efficiently.

    *Certified documents

    To be correctly certified, we need the documents to be certified as “True copy of the original document” and signed by a Justice of the Peace, a solicitor, a police officer, a Magistrate, a permanent employee of a financial institution (e.g. bank) with two or more years of continuous service, a permanent employee of Australia Post with two or more years of continuous service, a financial adviser with two or more years continuous service with an Australian Financial Services Licensee, an accountant with two or more years continuous membership of a professional accounting body or an Australian consular officer or an Australian diplomatic officer (within the meaning of the Consular Fees Act 1955). They also need to state what position they hold. If the certification does not appear on the document you may be asked to send in new certified documents.

  • If you are an existing Colonial First State investor and would like to make a new investment, or add to an existing investment online, you will need to login to FirstNet Investor using your Member ID (OIN) and password. You will need to confirm you have a copy of a current Product Disclosure Statement. If you don't, simply click on the product name above or order a paper copy free of charge.

  • After setting up your investment online using BPAY or Direct Credit, you may wish to transact with us offline at some stage. If so, we will need your signature for the following transactions:

    • Add, modify or delete your pre-nominated bank account
    • Provide a direct debit authority
    • Change your income distribution method
    • Link accounts under the one Member ID (OIN)
    • Change your mailing address
    • Set up a regular withdrawal plan.

    To make these transactions you will need to complete the appropriate form(s). These are available at the end of the online investment process and will already be pre filled with some of your personal details.

What products can I invest in?

Whatever your financial objectives or stage of life, Colonial First State can offer a range of products to help you with your financial goals.

Choose from:


FirstChoice Wholesale Personal Super


FirstChoice Wholesale Investments


FirstChoice Wholesale Pension