Everyone deserves better than average, and your super shouldn’t be average either. Find out how we stack up against industry averages for performance and fees. 


How we stack up

We focus on providing our members with strong performance, outstanding value and market-leading investment expertise. 


As an example, some of our most popular MySuper products delivered double-digit returns for the 12 months to 30 June 2023:i 

  • FirstChoice Employer Super’s Lifestage 1965-69 (balanced fund) delivered a 10.5% p.a. return
  • FirstChoice Employer Super’s Lifestage 1975-79 (growth fund) delivered a 12.2% p.a. return

CFS is consistently recognised for our high performance and the value we offer our members. 


Provider of the Year

Managed Funds 2019/2022

Money Magazine

Best of the Best 2022

Highest Super Performer

Wealth Insights

Winner - FirstChoice ranked #1 in Value for 

Money 2022

Take a long-term view

Super is a long-term investment. Depending on when you intend to retire, you might have your money invested for 20 years or more. That’s a lot of investment market cycles.


When you’re comparing products and investment options, we always recommend taking a long-term view because you can’t get the full picture on short-term results alone. Take a look at how the option performed over one, three and five years – and even longer if possible. That will give you a more rounded view of the ability of the option and its investment manager to perform in various market conditions. But keep in mind that investment returns aren’t guaranteed and past performance is no indication of future performance.  


Use our performance tool to check the long-term performance of every investment option for our super, pension and investment products. 

Why we keep our fees low

Performance and fees go hand in hand. No-one wants their investment returns being whittled down by high administration fees and costs. That’s why our FirstChoice super products have one of the lowest admin fees in the market. FirstChoice Wholesale Personal Super has an average admin fee of just 0.2% p.a. on a super balance of $50,000, compared to the super fund average of 0.46%.ii


Keeping our fees low means you have more money in your super – giving you greater value and helping you build your retirement savings faster.


Every fee and cost we charge is listed in our Product Disclosure Statements

Our passion for performance and service

While we’re laser focused on providing strong long-term performance for our members, it’s equally important to us that every member has positive interactions with the CFS team and can rely on us whenever they need our help. 


CFS has some of the lowest level of member complaints compared to our competitors, which demonstrates our commitment to creating positive experiences and meeting our members’ needs. 

i Past performance is no indication of future performance.


ii Administration fees and costs are compared based on FirstChoice Wholesale Personal Super options (excluding FirstRate options) for a member balance of $50,000, effective 22 May 2023. It does not take into consideration investment fees and costs or transaction costs. Please see the PDS for these fees and costs. The super fund average is based on the Chant West Super Fund Fee Survey at 30 June 2023 that compares average fees by segments and across four investment risk categories. The segments are made up of Industry Funds, Public Sector Funds, Corporate Stand-Alone Funds, Corporate Master Trusts, Retail Master Trusts & Core Wraps and Wrap Accounts. Investment risk categories are made up of Conservative, Balanced, Growth and High Growth. Data sourced from the Chant West Super Fund Fee Survey, effective 30 June 2023, is based on information provided to Chant West by third parties that is believed accurate at the time of publication. Fees may change in the future which may affect the outcome of the comparison. Chant West may make adjustments to fees and costs for comparison purposes and therefore data may vary to other published materials.

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