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Your potential unleashed.

We’re driven to help more Australians achieve financial freedom. To give them the means to do what they desire. To enable them to unleash.

Our ambition to make this happen for our customers is just as strong as our ambition to make this happen for our people. We’re passionate about delivering on our commitments, about challenging the status quo, and seeing the results of our actions every day.


Of course, we know that this type of achievement isn’t easy. It takes hard work, grit, resilience, and an innate drive to perform. That’s why we balance it with a culture of appreciation, of recognition of outcomes, as well as care for wellbeing.


That’s a big part of why people join us. They can see the possibilities in what we’re doing and in the positive change we’re making.  They’re just as obsessed about our customers as we are. 


They feel empowered to get out of their comfort zone, knowing they’re supported every step of the way to take their career to the next level.


We believe that this mindset of continuous improvement is not just important, it’s vital. It’s what allows us to grow, evolve, and deliver outcomes that make a difference for our customers.  It’s what allows us to do things we’ve never done before, to truly reach our potential. 


Achieving our potential is a powerful thing. We get a great sense of satisfaction from it. And it drives us to do even better. At CFS we take your potential to even greater heights. 

Our people also benefit from financial freedom

We’re always looking for ways to help our people achieve financial freedom. Which is why we have a range of resources and programs that provide knowledge, support and guidance every step of the way. From improving financial literacy, to exclusive banking discounts and super funds, to tax-based incentives, whatever we can do to help our people on their financial journey, we will.

Making a difference is welcomed

If you’ve always been a curious self-starter, know that improvement is an ongoing journey, undertake your work with integrity, have grit and resilience, and are a team player you’ll be able to achieve great things at CFS. 


There are opportunities to be bold, brave, and confident, and you’ll receive all the support you need on your journey.  


We are an energetic team of people, who embrace accountability and ambitious targets that provide the opportunity for us to stretch. Together we’re focused on outcomes, and in seeing the difference that we can make. 


CFS is a diverse organisation, and we welcome diverse thinking. That means we aren’t always looking for wealth management or financial services experience, because we want to learn and collaborate with people who have expertise to bring from other sectors. 

Stories from our people

Jonathan Walczak

Jonathan Walczak

  • Director, Product Development and Strategy
Lucy Caroll

Lucy Caroll

  • Executive Director – Superannuation Distribution
Joya Masud

Joya Masud

  • Senior Manager – Strategy & Business Planning
Nabeil Allam

Nabeil Allam

  • Senior Manager, Product, Planning & Strategy

Working together flexibly  

Flexibility is important, but it can mean something different to each of us. At CFS, flexibility is a mix of both working from the office and working remotely. It’s about finding a balance between the needs of both our people and the teams that they work in. 


That’s why we encourage everyone to have a conversation with their team leader on how best to manage flexibility in their role. 

CFS Purpose

Everything we do at CFS revolves around one thing – helping our members achieve financial freedom in retirement.

CFS values

Own it

We take accountability and deliver with pace and enthusiasm.

Make a difference

We are engaged and inspired to make a positive difference.

Customer obsessed

We make it our mission to  deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Outcomes are recognised

We have an official program of awards and recognition for great work, but acknowledging the outcomes of our achievements is something we do informally, every day, at all levels of the organisation. Shout-outs for a job well done are important to us. Celebrating success like this is not only great for culture, it helps everyone know what great outcomes look and feel like, so it keeps us all on the right track.

Social life at CFS

We know performing at our best comes from a strong culture, collaboration, enjoying work together and having a bit of fun. That’s why we have both company-wide social initiatives and events, and why all teams run their own events within their social hub to ensure there are plenty of opportunities to get to know each other. 

Our work in the community

We provide all our people the opportunity to give back, with two days per annum of volunteering leave to work within registered charities or community groups. We also provide every employee who joins CFS Employer Super access to Thrive+, our sustainable investment option. This gives our people the opportunity to help us make a positive contribution to people, planet, and policy.

Environment is everything

We know that the work environment we all enjoy plays a major part in our ability to collaborate and connect. We’ve designed our office to enable flexible work settings with a focus on health and wellbeing - from standing desks, to quiet rooms, there’s a space to suit everyone’s needs. 


We also offer a broad range of facilities including a ZenDen, parents’ rooms, reflection room and end of trip amenities. 


Our offices are always centrally located in the heart of the CBD, with our Sydney office conveniently located at 400 George Street. 

Financial freedom for all

We’re driven to provide both our customers and our people the opportunity to achieve financial freedom. To do that, we make our organisation’s expertise openly available and continue to develop a suite of initiatives to benefit of our people, including: 

CFS Employer Super Fund

Access to CFS Employer Super which provides expansive investment options including Thrive+, our sustainable growth fund, and flexible insurance options.

Workplace Banking

We’ve partnered with a leading financial institution to provide our people access to financial wellbeing education sessions and offers on bank accounts, credit cards and home loans.

Salary Sacrifice options
  • Purchase additional leave (up to 20 days per year).
  • Contribute some of your salary or potential bonus payments into your super fund.
Novated Leases
Income Protection policy
Death and Total Permanent Disablement Insurance

Work-life balance

We offer flexible working arrangements and a range of leave options to ensure our people get the time they need to rest and recharge, including: 

Annual Leave

We offer 20 days paid leave per year.

Paid Parental Leave

Primary Carer

  • We offer 16 weeks leave at full pay or 32 weeks at half pay.
  • Return-to-work payment per child to assist with childcare arrangements.
  • We pay super during any unpaid portion of leave, up to 39 weeks. 

Support Carer

  • We offer 4 weeks paid leave at full pay or 8 weeks at half pay.
Birthday Leave

We offer 1 day paid leave per year to celebrate your birthday.

Life Leave

We offer 3 days paid leave per year to use for your own purpose, like celebrating a special event or focusing on your wellbeing.

Gender Affirmation Leave

We offer up to 6 weeks paid leave and up to 1 year of unpaid leave for our people affirming their gender.

Sorry Business Leave

We offer 3 days paid leave to support our people who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander to attend Sorry Business cultural practices.

Volunteer Leave

We believe it’s important to give back to the community which is why we offer all our people 2 days paid leave per year to undertake volunteer work at a registered charity. 

Domestic & Family Violence support

We offer paid leave as needed to support our people experiencing domestic and family violence. 

Personal/ Carers Leave

We offer 10 days paid leave per year to support our people through a range of circumstances, including women’s health, fertility treatments, non-routine health procedures and caring for your pet in the event of urgent veterinary care or bereavement.

Wellbeing & Lifestyle

We believe looking after yourself is not only the right thing to do, but it also helps create a more positive and dynamic culture. That’s why we offer all our people a range of wellbeing and lifestyle benefits, including: 

  • 24/7 access to a team of medical, mental health and safety experts.
  • Corporate rates on health insurance premiums.
  • Annual flu vaccination.
  • End of trip facilities (select locations).
  • Exclusive discounts on retail, entertainment, technology, and travel services.

Ongoing development

We provide a range of opportunities including formal programs, hands-on experiences and online learning tools to empower our people to develop their skills and knowledge. At CFS, professional development comes in many forms, including:

LinkedIn Learning Platform

Access to over 17,000 online courses to support personal and career aspirations.

Study Assistance

We offer a study assistance program for self-education. 

Professional Memberships

We reimburse our people for a range of professional memberships.   

Recognition Program & Awards
  • Good Vibes: A platform to provide informal shout-outs for team members across the business and celebrate great work. 
  • Spotlight Awards: Quarterly award program for individuals and teams who deliver outstanding outcomes for our customers and our people.   
  • Long Service Awards: Recognition for reaching service milestones. 
  • Annual CEO Awards: Recognising top performing individuals and teams. 
Employee Action Groups (EAGs)

You’ll have the opportunity to join our employee-led action groups to advocate and promote inclusion and diversity. Our EAGs include:

  • Amplify: Empowering and advocating for our LGBTQIA+ employees and customers.
  • Evolve: Creating a platform for the youth of CFS to connect, grow and learn.
  • Empower: Supporting gender diversity at CFS across all levels of seniority and areas of business.
  • Cultural Diversity: Appreciating, embracing, and celebrating the cultural diversity of our people.
  • Wellbeing: Promoting a supportive and healthy workplace where our people can thrive.

Through our Reconciliation Action Plan working group, we’re committed to better understand, value and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories and rights.

Our Inclusive Workplace

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion is fundamental to our success. While we have robust policies in place that foster belonging, it is also a natural part of our culture. 


Every year, our annual DE&I Summit reinforces our commitment to empowering our people and helps to drive positive change. 


Our Employee Action Groups are run by our people and champion diversity, equity and inclusion across the business. They’re motivated to create a truly inclusive culture where every person feels safe, celebrated, and heard.


We currently have five Employee Action Groups and continue to look at other interest areas to ensure that we hear from all voices.  

  • Amplify: Empowering and advocating for our LGBTQIA+ employees and customers.

  • Evolve: Creating a platform for the youth of CFS to connect, grow and learn.

  • Empower: Supporting gender diversity at CFS across all levels of seniority and areas of business.

  • Cultural Diversity: Appreciating, embracing, and celebrating the cultural diversity of our people.

  • Wellbeing: Promoting a supportive and healthy workplace where our people can thrive.


Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) provides all staff with the opportunity to better understand and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories, while holding ourselves accountable for actions and initiatives that will improve our reconciliation efforts. 

Our goal is to create an inclusive and diverse workplace that is culturally safe, rich and proud. You can read more about our commitments in our RAP. For more information, download the CFS Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan



Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA)


Earlier this year CFS has lodged the Annual Workplace Gender Equality (WGEA) report. The Workplace Gender Equality Agency is an Australian government statutory agency created by the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012.  


Our participation contributes to the Agency’s world-leading dataset on gender equality in Australian workplaces and ensures we meet our compliance obligations. In addition, it helps us identify gender equality issues and put action plans in place where required.


To access a copy of the report click here


To read CFS’ Employer Statement click here.

Our Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process may change depending on the role you apply for, here is a list of different stages you may go through:

  1. Complete your application

    Once you’ve found the perfect opportunity, you can apply for it in three easy steps:

    1. Sign in or create a profile. After clicking ‘Apply now’ on the job ad, you’ll need to sign into your profile, or create a new one if you haven’t applied for a job with us before.

    2. Add your details. We’ll ask you some questions about your education, experience and what you can bring to the role. We’ll also ask you to upload your resume. You can also submit a cover letter, if you’d like to give us some extra information beyond what’s on your resume.

    3. Submit your application. We’ll send a six-digit verification code to the email address you provided in step 2. Enter this code to authenticate your identity and complete your job application. You can check the progress of your application at any time by signing into your profile.

  2. Your application may be reviewed and screened

    We do this to identify the candidates best suited to the role. 

  3. You may be invited to a phone interview

    We will arrange a phone conversation with one of our Talent Team so we can learn more about you and you can learn more about us. 

  4. You may be invited for a face-to-face interview

    We love meeting new talent in person and will invite you to come and meet your future leader or key members of our CFS community.

  5. Final steps

    Once we’re both sure there’s a match, we’ll move through the offer process and kick off any reference and background checks required. 

We then look forward to welcoming you on Day 1 of your journey with us.

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