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Investment options

FirstChoice Employer Super offers a MySuper product offering, the default investment option of FirstChoice Lifestage, as well as a wide range of investment options from well‑respected Australian and international fund managers.

Our default investment option – FirstChoice Lifestage

FirstChoice Lifestage is a smart investment option that changes with you throughout your working life.

If you don’t make an investment selection, then all contributions made on your behalf are placed in the FirstChoice Lifestage option according to your year of birth.1


Rather than having a fixed investment strategy for life, FirstChoice Lifestage adjusts your investment mix as you get older, so your investment strategy automatically changes so that it is appropriate for your age


While you are young, with more time to ride out the ups and downs of investment markets, more of your super will be invested in growth assets, such as property and shares. These assets have a greater potential to deliver higher returns and grow your retirement savings above inflation.


As retirement gets closer you have less time to recover from any short-term losses, so more of your super will be invested in defensive assets, such as cash and fixed interest, to provide greater stability.


The good news is this happens automatically. So even if you don't actively manage your super, your super will manage itself.


View the FirstChoice Lifestage option MySuper dashboards


It’s your choice


If you like to have more of a say in your investment strategy, FirstChoice Employer Super gives you the option of selecting your risk profile and choosing from our wide range of investment options across different asset classes and investment managers.


You can also choose from:

  • Multi‑manager portfolios, which are pre‑mixed, and/or
  • Single manager investments, allowing you to tailor‑make your portfolio.


When your contributions are invested in FirstChoice Employer Super, your money is combined with other investors’ money in FirstChoice Empoyer Super fund. Each FirstChoice investment options is a separate option within the fund.


Each investment option is managed according to its objectives and has a different level of risk and potential level of returns.


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