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Wrap Annual Statements

The annual reporting period is an important time of the year for you and your clients. To help you manage your expectations, here's when we expect to start issuing our 2022 annual reports.


Wrap Products and Labels

REPORT PACK Adviser communications (from) Customer mailing commences

Annual pension review

12 Jul 2022


13 Jul 2022


Quarterly statements - April to June 2022

18 Jul 2022


20 Jul 2022


Notice of Intention to Claim a Tax Deduction (Section 290-170)

Confirmation letter issued once s290-170 tax deduction notice has been received and processed 

21 Jul 2022 27 Jul 2022

Annual tax statements

Production of tax statements is dependent on third party income reporting.

August throughout
October 2022


August throughout
October 2022 


Annual IDPS statements

16 Aug 2022


19 Aug 2022


Annual superannuation member benefit statements (SMBS)

12 Sept 2022


27 Sept 2022


IDPS audit certificate

Completion of
IDPS audit
Prior to
30 Sept 2022