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Importance of Insurance in Super

Your employees have worked hard to create a certain lifestyle and provide for those who depend on them.

But there are some things in life they have little or no control over, no matter how hard they work. Things like serious illness, injury, disablement and even death. That’s why it is important to have life insurance.

FirstChoice Employer Super (FirstChoice) provides a flexible range of insurance design solutions that meets your employees’ needs. Here are some good reasons to consider insurance cover through super:



Premiums can be lower if all members are covered.

Automatic cover

Automatic cover

No need to provide additional medical evidence or underwriting.

Tax benefits

Tax benefits

Premiums paid from super account.

About AIA Australia

FirstChoice offers a comprehensive range of insurance provided by AIA Australia (AIA) to protect members and their family.

With over 48 years* of experience in life and health insurance, AIA is committed to providing your employees with innovative insurance solutions, and a simple and transparent claims process.

AIA’s strategy is to reimagine insurance, integrating life, health and wellbeing into one customer value proposition, and be an active partner working closely with employers and providing rehabilitation assistance to members.

Journey to Better Wellbeing

AIA understands that the key to a sustainable return to wellness and work is ensuring employees have access to programs that are bespoke to their needs. AIA offer a range of services to help employees manage and recover from illness. These programs range from health coaching programs right through to comprehensive return to work programs.


OneLife is an online community that encourages everyday Australians to live healthier, longer, better lives. Supported by the AIA Vitality ambassadors, the wellbeing portal focuses on:

Moving Well

Moving Well

Articles to help maintain or improve fitness.

Thinking well

Thinking well

Tools and information to cultivate and maintain a healthy frame of mind.

Eating Well

Eating Well

Create and enjoy food that makes you feel good.


CancerAid Coach Program provides patients with digital tools, personal coaching and educational resources, assisting them to better understand their diagnosis, adopt positive behavioural changes, and to be engaged in their own care.

On completing the coaching program, members can continue to use the CancerAid app to assist with:

  • Symptom tracking
  • Activity tracking and exercise education
  • Oncology nutrition advice
  • Sleep and mindfulness strategies
  • Fear of recurrence and survivorship, including return to work (RTW) advice

Back to Wellness Program

An award-winning program, AIA’s Back to Wellness program flexible mental health plan for members who have submitted an income protection claim, where mental illness is the primary cause focusing on:

  • Raising awareness about mental health.
  • Improving the member experience through ongoing recovery support and a multi-faceted holistic approach to claims management.
  • Increase the benefits for members by simplifying the claims process, focusing on recovery and positive discussions, rather than administration and incapacity levels.
  • Collaborating with all involved parties, helping to facilitate an optimal treatment plan and aid in the identification and removal of any recovery barriers.

Working with Employers

Absence from work as a result of illness or injury can be challenging for your employees, you and your business. AIA found:

  • 53% of claims are for chronic pain
  • 15% of claims are for cancer
  • 15% of claims are for mentail health

AIA Australia understand that each situation is different and will work with you and your employees to provide a tailored workplace rehabilitation plan, helping your employees get back to their best health and back at work. Early support is the key. We can assist with:

  • Early intervention to ensure employees are supported in their recovery journey
  • Provide absence management programs for your business
  • Train line managers to provide early support to employees with mental health conditions
  • Guidance and support for employees with complex health conditions
  • Assistance for employees on navigating the health system to achieve better outcomes, and
  • Guidance to assist employees back to work safely with minimal risk to both employer and employee
Need more information?

Need more information?

For more information, visit the AIA Australia website or contact Employer Services on 1300 654 666, 8:30am to 6pm Monday to Friday, Sydney time. Or speak to one of our corporate specialists today.

We’ve got you covered

If you’re in one of our Lifestage options, MySuper cover is the minimum level of Death and Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) insurance your employer is required to offer you.

This cover is offered by your employer as part of your FirstChoice Employer Super plan. It goes beyond the minimum requirements of MySuper cover and is customised by your employer. It may include Death and TPD, Death & Terminal Illness and Salary Continuance Insurance cover.

You can choose to increase or decrease your cover including investors elected cover, life events cover and spouse cover.

Investor selected cover lets you choose the cover that suits you – be it increased or decreased amounts. Depending on the options you choose, you may need to provide more health and lifestyle information to support your application. In some cases this will include a medical check.

Life events cover lets you top up your Death and TPD cover when major life events happen without having to go through medical checks. It’s handy for events like getting married, having a baby or buying a house.

Your spouse can join and obtain insurance cover through the policy too (subject to underwriting). To find out more about the options available, take a look at our the insurance booklet.

FirstChoice Employer Super

FirstChoice Employer Super

Let us manage your investment mix with our CFS Lifestage option, or be more involved and choose from the Select range of investment options. For more information, download the investment options menu.

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*As at December 2020, 2 As at March 2021